Congrats to All Users, We have added 500MHS worth of 0.5 BTC free to all users having paid mining contract in there account.

Thanks for all our registered users who are the part in our great success, 

We have got more than a million registered users, every of our paid user getting instant pay-outs and very happy on developing with us,


Please note that we are no longer accepting new users to sign up.And closed all mining contracts to sell, currently available only 50MHS for users who registered already and can buy till 25th october 2017.


in the progress of our business Our reserved BTC value got increased to very high due to bitcoin price raise. And started many projects on crypto currency and we thought to celebrate our development with our users,

So we decided to give 500 MHS to all paid users who were bought any mining contract till 25th of october 2017, Every user with paid mining contract will be eligible to get free 500 MHS and life time income form the free MHS.


We have already added 500 MHS to All users who are already bought contracts till now please check your account that we have already added 500 MHS to you account. You can withdraw you mining income instantly without any conditions for lifetime.


Due to huge multiple free accounts we have stopped registrations and we are going to remove all the free users who didnt bought any mining contract till 25 th of october 2017.


And users who bought mining contract till 25th October 2017 will get 500 MHS free in there account, Example: If you purchase 50 MHS Mining contract for BTC 0.05, You will get 50 MHS and Free 500 MHS total 550 MHS instantly to your account.


From the 500 MHS free contract you can withdraw 0.01 BTC daily without any conditions life time.



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  We sent 500MHS free bonus to all users who bought contracts till today. And made your contracts life time validity Balance credited to your contracts , You can withdraw your mining income to your bitcoin wallet. You can purchase 50MHS contract now to get into the 500MHS bonus Promo.


All free user who didn't have any paid contracts will get removed After 25th october 2017 and free mining balance and free mining power will be removed, And all users have a chance to purchase 50 MHS contract till promo period will be eligible to get 500MHS Bonus.


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